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El Pilón Gourmet Restaurant Offers Gourmet and Local Dominican Fare

During your next LHVC vacation, be sure to try the upscale Dominican cuisine at Cofresi Palm's El Pilón Restaurant. Below is a recipe for Maimon Fish from LHVC Executive Chef John Black for you to try at home. It is fresh fried fish with rice, beans and plantains, a favorite among locals in a small village just north of Lifestyle Holidays called Maimon. Enjoy!

Fadi Hamad's Featured Recipe:

This dish is Featured in our Dominican cuisine restaurant located near the beach in Cofresi Palm Resort. It is a special fresh fish dish that is typical from a small fishing village just north of the resort named Maimon. There you can get an array of seafood dishes and fresh caught local fish. There you weigh the catch and choose how you like it prepared.

Maimon Fish

1 fresh caught Mero, Cillo or Cotura
5 cloves of garlic
Fresh lime juice
½ cup of olive oil
2 tablespoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper
2 cups all purpose flour
4 cups frying oil


Clean and scale the fresh fish. Mix all ingredients together as a marinade. Let marinade a few hours. Season the flour as well and coat each side of the fish. Place the fish in hot frying oil for about 7 minutes on each side. Serve with rice and beans and fresh fried plantains.


Food and Beverage Director Fadi Hamad and Executive Chef John Black, the Lifestyle Holidays internationally acclaimed A-team in Food and Beverage, remind you of the following countless options you have for dining, food, drinks, fun and the best service during your next Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club stay. We challenge you to sample them all during your next stay!

V.I.P Restaurants
V.I.P and Special Guest Exclusive

AZUL (Gourmet Cuisine) - 4th Floor of the Tower
V.I.P Simply Gourmet (Steak and Seafood) - V.I.P World
Intimates (Seafood) - Inside Blue Lagoon
Jazz (French Fusion) - Presidential Suites
Blue's Restaurant & Kosher Kitchen - Presidential Suites
Rodizio (Brazilian Churrascaria) - Cofresi Palm - V.I.P section and CellarTable
Skewers (Mediterranean Cuisine) - Serenity Beach (Seasonal)
Kimonos (Tepanyaki Grill Restaurant) - a la carte Japanese Restaurant

V.I.P Lite Fare Bars
V.I.P and Special Guest Exclusive

Anja's Lounge (Brandy Bar) - 4th floor of The Tower
The Diamond Grill - Deja View Beach - Shareholders Only
Beach Avenue Grill - Harmony Beach
V.I.P Sports Bar - V.I.P World
Zen (Sushi & Asian bar) - V.I.P Beach
Coconuts Grill - Serenity Beach
Scoops (Cold Stone Ice Cream) - Harmony Beach
Tapas Lounge (Spanish Inspired Appetizers) - Cofesi Palm - near Moomtaz $
Oh Crepes! (Gourmet Crepes) - Serenity Beach
Fadi's Food Corner - Cofresi Palm (V.I.P NV Beach)

V.I.P Bars
V.I.P and Special Guest Exclusive

Cafe Java (Coffee Bar) - 2nd Floor of The Tower
Fruit Smoothie (Smoothie Bar) - 2nd Floor Outside Patio of The Tower
Celebrations (Champagne Bar) - 3rd Floor of The Tower
Essence (Wine Bar) - V.I.P Villa Lounge in V.I.P World
Cosmopolitans (Martini Bar) - V.I.P Pool
The Spot (Hookah & Vodka Bar) - Balcony Level of V.I.P Pool
Bubbles (Champagne Bar) - V.I.P Beach
Top Shelf (Whiskey Bar) - V.I.P Beach
On the Rocks (Rum Bar) - Serenity Beach
Las Palmas (Vodka Bar) - Serenity Beach
Breezy Blends Bar (Frozen Drinks Bar) - Harmony Beach
Bourbon Street Bar (Bourbon Bar) - Presidential Suites
The Crystal Bar (Champagne Bar) - Deja View Beach - Shareholders Only
The Corner Bar - Cofresi Palm - V.I.P NV Beach - Inside Fadi's Food Corner

For All Guests

Casablanca (International Buffet) - The Tropical
Indochine (Asian Fusion) - The Tropical Pool
Bellini (Italian Cuisine) - The Residence Suites
Trapiche Paradise (Mexican Cuisine) - The Royal Suites
The Blue Lagoon (Seafood & Buffet) - The Tropical - Beach Area
The Pearl (International Buffet) - Cofresi Palm - Near the Beach
Johnny's (International Cuisine) - Cofresi Palm (Seasonal)
Moomtaz (Indian Cuisine) - Cofresi Palm
El Pilón (Authentic Dominican Cuisine) - Cofresi Palm - Beachside
Moonlight (International Cuisine) - Cofresi Palm - Beachside (Seasonal)

For All Guests

La Cayena (Rum Bar) - The Tropical Lobby Bar
Las Canas (Tequila Sports Bar) - The Tropical Pool
The Gin Joint (Gin Bar) - The Tropical Beachside Bar
Tortuga (Frozen Drinks) - The Tropical Oceanside Bar
Wet (Liqueur Bar) - The Residence Suites Pool
Mirage (Dessert Bar) - The Crown Suites Pool
Chasers (Tequila Sports Bar) - The Royal Suites Pool
Stars (Famous Drinks) - Colosseum Bar
Sizzle (Hot Drinks) - Lights, Camera, Action Theater Bar
Aqua Bar (Vodka Pool Bar) - Cofresi Palm - Main Pool Swim-Up Bar
The Cellar (Wine Bar) - Cofresi Palm Inside Rodizio $
Cheers (Cocktail Pool Bar) - Cofresi Palm Pool Bar
Frost (Frozen Drinks Pool Bar) - Cofresi Palm Family Pool
Pirates Cove (Whiskey Bar) - Cofresi Palm Beach Bar